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How to Handle Threatening and/or Harassing Phone Calls

With Call Trace you can receive assistance from your phone company or your local law enforcement agency if you receive harassing or obscene phone calls. This Service is available to most telephone customers on a pay per use basis.

To use Call Trace features on your phone:
  • Lift the receiver and press *57 (or dial 1157 on a rotary phone) immediately after the call.
  • Follow the recorded instructions to take appropriate action.
  • The telephone of the number of the caller will be recorded by your phone company. Deterrent action can be taken by your phone company or your local law enforcement agency after three calls from the same number are identified.
  • You will not be given the name or telephone number of the person who called you.
  • If it becomes a life-threatening situation, call 9-1-1 immediately.
  • Record all threatening or harassing phone calls. Record the date and time of the call, gender of the caller, subject matter of the phone call, and background noise, if any.
  • Contact your local law enforcement agency when you have traced three calls.

With Call Rejection, you can avoid unwanted calls.

To use Call Rejection feature on your phone:
  • To block unwanted calls, lift the receiver, press *60 and follow the recorded directions.
  • If you do not know the unwanted callers number, activate Call Rejection immediately after hanging up from their call.
  • To cancel Call Rejection, press *80.

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Always dial 911 in an emergency.

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